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About Us

What does P.A.B do? We champion a world without bullying, where every child thrives in kindness. Our anti-bullying initiatives invest in future leaders by fostering strong communication, empathy, and courage.

At Parents Against Bullying, our genesis lies in the deeply personal journey of CEO Shant'a Miller White, whose family confronted the traumatic aftermath of a distressing bullying incident involving her daughter. Transcending adversity, Shant'a turned this negative experience into a powerful force for good, pledging to prevent others from enduring the stress and trauma her family faced. Since that pivotal moment, Shant'a has dedicated her life to eradicating bullying, offering a comprehensive suite of initiatives through Parents Against Bullying and P.U.S.H. LLC, including annual events, monthly workshops, mentoring sessions, summer camps, school visits, and community support.

​​The impact of Shant'a's efforts has resonated across the nation, drawing recognition and support from influential figures and organizations. Former First Lady Michelle Obama, the United States Attorney General's office, United States Senator Mark Warner, Newport News Mayor McKinley Price, and others have joined our cause. Our list of supporters includes esteemed institutions like Hampton University, Christopher Newport University, and the Newport News Public School System.

We've garnered the backing of corporate entities such as PepsiCo., Office Max/Office Depot, and many more, reinforcing the belief that combating bullying requires a united front. Our story has reached the airwaves through CNN, WAVY TV 10 (NBC), WTKR TV 3 (CBS), 97.3 (PRN) the Eagle, and 95.7 (WVKL) R & B, showcasing the urgency of our mission to a broader audience.

At Parents Against Bullying, we're not just an organization; we're a movement, fueled by compassion and a relentless pursuit of a world free from the shadows of bullying. Join us as we stand together against the darkness, turning adversity into a powerful force for change.


Embrace a proactive stance on anti-bullying education and awareness for our youth and families.

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